At Family Cathedral, we feel that we have a Biblical mandate to "go unto all the world" sharing the Gospel as commanded in Matthew 28. We go on yearly missions trips, have community outreach events and support many ministries, both foreign and local.  The following are ministries that Family Cathedral support on a monthly basis.


Our mission’s ministry in Colombia has been in existence for 41 years. Overseen for over 40 years by our founding Pastor H.M. Sewell, Family Cathedral is committed to carrying on the work that the late “Pappy” Sewell was so passionate about. The ministry in Colombia consists of five churches and one school.


In 2004 Family Cathedral planted our first church in Siaya, Kenya. Since then the ministry has multiplied into three churches and one tailoring school. FC also leads short-term mission trips to Kenya on an annual basis.


The Lord has called Ryan and Randi Brewer to Thailand where they minister to victims of human trafficking and seek to expand the Kingdom. Currently in Thailand, less than 1% of the 70 million people are Evangelical Christians.  The Brewers have a passion to reach the unreached, free the captives and invest in the least



Samaritans Journey is a church located in downtown Dallas. Pastors Ed & Shirley Serenil founded the church in 2004. They minister every Saturday morning to those who are in dire straits in the streets of Dallas. In addition to our financial support, FC serves at Samaritans Journey on the third Saturday of every month.



Pregnancy Resource Center is a non-profit organization that's goal is to empower women to make informed choices by providing factual information regarding all available options when facing an unplanned pregnancy.  They provide counseling and other kinds of support depending on the needs of each individual.



The Full Gospel Fellowship of Churches and Ministers International (The Fellowship) is an independent fellowship of ministers, ministries and churches whose purpose is to provide an atmosphere of spiritual fellowship for those of like faith, calling and purpose.


Sharing Life is a non-profit, benevolent organization whose primary goal is to come along side individuals and families who need help obtaining the basic necessities of life. They offer a food pantry,  clothes closet, holiday programs and utility assistance for those in need. In addition to these basic needs, Sharing Life offers education classes, job skill training, parenting classes and more. 


Ebenezer Gospel is a ministry to northern India. Pastor Kurian Thomas is the founder of Ebenezer Gospel, resides in Mesquite and is a member of Family Cathedral. He travels to India two to three times a year to plant churches and train pastors to be more effective in ministry. FC is committed to supporting Ebenezer Gospel and the people and nation of India.